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The Reliable Resources and Leaders of The Glarus Group


The Glarus Group’s resources extend beyond its core leadership team. Solving client problems is the overarching objective. Expanding the engagement team with complementary contributors is readily done on a case-by-case basis for the challenge at hand.

JD Hammerly

Before cofounding The Glarus Group, JD led AREVA T&D’s North American and Pacific Rim businesses serving the electricity industry with control and market systems, substation automation, and protective relays. During his tenure with AREVA T&D and its predecessor entities, he guided marketing, solution architecture, commercial activities, and overall strategy.
His leadership helped move what is now AREVA T&D into a worldwide leadership position for energy control centers and energy market solutions. More recently, he directed their recent move into distribution automation.

Appointed to FERC committees on energy deregulation in the mid-1990s, JD was the only non-utility representative. He became the liaison between technology design activity and the group responsible for business process and transaction content.

As one of the six founding members of GridWise, JD was on the GridWise Board for the
first three years as this organization grew to have more than 100 corporate members. He was a founding member of the Northwest Center for Energy Research along with the Washington State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he also served on their Energy Advisor Committee.

He is a frequent speaker at industry functions and actively participates in the regulatory and political process that shapes the direction for energy in the United States.

The Glarus Group is his third entrepreneurial activity. His focus remains to tackle the emerging challenges of the energy industry both from the technology and business perspective by providing senior advisory assistance as well as creating intellectual property. During this time of rapid and substantial change in the energy landscape, leadership and vision based on long experience and broad exposure mitigates the risks and uncovers opportunities inherent to revolutionary periods.

Bob Moisan

Robert (Bob) Moisan is a senior industry executive with over 35 years of experience with both suppliers and utilities, such as IBM, General Electric, Arizona Public Service, and New England Electric System. His broad experience covers the breadth of utility activities including generation, transmission, distribution, metering, energy efficiency, and customer engagements.

He continues to address the strategic and operational challenges facing this industry today. He combines an innovative vision for the business with practical strategic and operational fundamentals as the basis for providing solutions that realize bottom line impacts. Beyond his advisory role, Bob provides hands-on engagement, encompassing the execution and delivery of these strategies and key programs to stakeholders’ advantage.

Bob has served and addressed the business needs of major utility, energy, product, technology, and service companies during a period of economic, business, technology, and regulatory change and uncertainty. He has often been engaged as a change agent challenged to bring a transformation to his clients, their staff, technologies, and business processes.

His experiences embrace proposing and negotiating major initiatives, creating business strategies, and realizing those strategies by delivering on-time and on-budget. He brings focus and leadership to teams to assure successful strategies, a broad consensus, and results-based execution.

Gary Rosenwald

Gary leads the industry as one of a few experts capable of combining the physics and operations of the power system with a solid grasp of markets and electricity economics to produce energy market solutions. His hands-on engineering leadership through all phases from initial conception through operational support of real-time and planning market system solutions has achieved solutions fulfilling requirements of the broad range of stakeholders at Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators.

In addition to the development and evaluation of electricity market solutions, he provides advisory services to these clients for business process design and implementation strategies. His scope extends to high and low voltage grid analysis as well as generation scheduling and renewable integration in operational dispatch.

Gary did his doctoral and post-doctorate work at the University of Washington. At ABB Energy Information Systems, he developed, supported, and marketed electricity generating portfolio solutions to optimize generation scheduling, bidding of energy into wholesale markets, bilateral energy trade evaluation, financial risk assessment and management, outage scheduling, market/regional analysis and forecasting, and financial settlement.

Before joining The Glarus Group, Gary was a corporate engineer for AREVA T&D, where he led a team of engineers and participated in defining business strategies and process improvements in the energy market arena. In this role, he was key to AREVA T&D’s success in achieving a 50% worldwide market share in wholesale energy market solutions.

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