Over a decade advising the Electric Industry’s thought leaders

Providing the guidance and insight enabling electric industry transformation

Company Value Propositions

  • Every consultant on our team has between 25-45 years of hands-on experience in the electric utility industry.

  • The Glarus Group (TGG) has conceived, designed, implemented, and commissioned technical and commercial solutions across all electric utility disciplines, including planning, engineering, operations, asset management, customer engagement, regulatory relations, and executive oversite.

  • Our top consultants have designed, budgeted, justified technology solutions for utilities, RTOs/ISOs, and industry suppliers.

  • Our top consultants have led organizations as large as 6,000 employees and been principals in entrepreneurial start-ups.

  • Our team has designed, optimized, and implemented wholesale and retail electricity markets worldwide.

  • Our consultants have led billion-dollar projects for our Electric Industry clients

  • Several consultants have been directly engaged in the regulatory and political landscape, including testifying before the US Congress.

  • Our technical team brings deep knowledge and experience in DER, DR, DA, Grid-Edge, SCADA, EMS, ADMS, GIS, Mobile and Field Force, Asset Management, Analytics, and Customer Experience.

Electric Utilities

Electric utilities have excelled for decades in providing a reliable electricity supply to their customers. Today, utilities, both public and investor-owned, face an unprecedented change as they must transform from electricity delivery as their main source of revenue to a more balanced one, which includes providing expanded services to their customers.

Electric Industry Transformation

Achieving and flourishing through the Electric Industry transformation requires embracing decades of planning and operating one-way transmission and distribution grids to “co-operating” in concert with customers who both supply and consume. Optimizing a two-way integrated grid delivering reliability at the lowest cost requires visibility into PPA commitments, interconnection flexibility, and economics (costs or price) during blue-sky operations and restoration opportunities during emergencies. Lastly, complicating this transformation is the ever-increasing reliability demand of our digital society.

The Glarus Group Advisory Approach

The success of future electric industry business models not only requires a focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance but must also consider pragmatic economics. Investment justification requires finding signposts or indicators predicting future landscape shifts and their associated risks and opportunities.

TGG provides vision, strategy, and tactics, enabling our clients to navigate its transformation. TGG’s expertise in planning, engineering, operations, and management helps our clients prepare and implement consistent and coupled commercial and technical roadmaps. These roadmaps must also identify and codify processes while considering organizational dynamics. TGG’s experts directly engage clients, defining and mapping processes, tasks, roles, accountability, skills, and oversight so our clients may not only survive but flourish during and post the industry’s transformation.

External Stakeholders

Customer expectations of their energy supplier are also in transition. Customers expect to interact with their utility using voice, email, messaging, and social media. Regardless of how the customer experiences the interaction, the content must be concise, consistent, and accurate, avoiding repetitive and inconsequential information. TGG’s expertise in customer experience provides our clients with critical insights facilitating improved customer satisfaction.
Regulators expect utilities to consider non-wires alternatives (NWAs) as part of their planning process. When, where, how, and why should NWAs be considered to address capacity, reliability, resiliency, and power quality must be integral to successful utility planning. TGG’s experience in attacking this challenge prepares our clients to respond to regulatory demands while achieving higher grid performance.

External stakeholder awareness of their energy supply is at an all-time high. These stakeholders expect environmental stewardship, transparency, and economic fairness coupled with their demand for ever-higher reliability. Fulfilling these expectations requires our industry to innovate both technologically and commercially while engaging directly with external stakeholders. With TGG’s assistance and guidance, our clients not only keep the lights on, but increase their competitiveness in an ever more competitive landscape.