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Your Trusted Team of Consultants

Business and Technology Strategies for Electric Industry

Your Trusted Team of Consultants

Business and Technology Strategies for Electricity and Gas Service Providers

Strategic Consultants For The Electric Industry

Industry Vision

The electric and gas utility industry today holds the keys to solving many global issues. Increasingly, the industry provides potential solutions for economic growth, environmental stewardship, energy independence, low emission transportation, and energy consumer empowerment.

Yet, the core infrastructure is aging, both facilities and personnel, causing a trend that cannot be underestimated. New technologies, primarily information technology, are rapidly entering this arena, often with overblown expectations. The industry must balance reality with a strong measure of urgency. Today’s strategic investments must fulfill the promise without short-term disruptions.
Transformation, to be successful, requires strategic direction. Leveraging advanced technology adoption and thoughtful analytics, the industry’s evolution will center on optimizing choice, control, cost, convenience, and collaboration for energy consumers and their environment, both physical and economic.
Along with the promises come the challenges—technology, economics, regulation, the environment, and beyond.


The Glarus Group’s expertise is based upon senior staff integrating their experiences and problem solving abilities to address key client business and technology challenges. The list of successful engagements demonstrates “value add now” results. Recent queries have utilized the following skill and experience sets:

  • Smart Grid technologies for both distribution and transmission applications.
  • T&D business model and process transformations.
  • Economics analysis of engineering and operations with advanced technologies such as demand response, distributed generation, and metering.
  • Technical and business evaluation of software solution alternatives such as ADMS, MDM, and other complex solutions.
  • Large complex project/program management.
  • Assisting clients in the selection and delivery of major utility industry solutions.
  • IT strategy and business alignment.
  • ISO/RTO business issue evaluation and solutioning.
  • Utility marketing and demand side management program development.
  • Major business plans, proposal preparation, evaluation and negotiations.

Strategic Consulting – engagements focused on key issues facing the industry and its market participants

  • Strategic positioning for existing and emerging suppliers in the evolving “Smart Grid” landscape and emerging technologies.
  • Evaluation of a firm’s product portfolio and market positioning preceding development of a business turn-around strategy including acquisitions, product enhancements, and market communications plan.
  • Market entry strategies for defense industry leaders looking to enter the utility and energy services industry.
  • Sales strategy development including resource evaluation and market segmentation for improved results.
  • Assessment of IT strategy and portfolio.
  • Developed business procurement and evaluation methodology for acquiring renewable resources as required by state RPS goals and provided regulatory support.
  • Competitive assessments of major applications for Grid planning, engineering, financial settlements and risk management.
  • Providing leadership for major operational systems (AMI/MDM, EMS, ADMS, GIS, and asset management).

Technology Commercialization – evaluation and strategy development to guide introduction of leading edge technologies into the industry

  • Supported major computer technology firm with insights and strategies for positioning and integrating advanced computing technology into the residential home marketplace.
  • Provided national laboratory support for development and introduction of home energy information and management technologies.

Merger/Acquisitions – leverage industry insights to assist firms targeting acquisitions and evaluating acquisitions

  • Engaged to identify and negotiate sale of an industry leading software application as means to accelerate market adoption.
  • Evaluate and prioritize range of candidate acquisitions for Fortune 50 Corporations.
  • Performed due diligence evaluations of acquisitions from market, product, and competitive viewpoints.

Software Solution Development and Implementation – utilize deep business and technical knowledge to guide successful complex software projects

  • Technical integration and process leadership for major ISO/RTO market solutions focusing upon technical business requirements and upon key operator considerations during a range of operating conditions.
  • Provide technical and business expertise for transformation of ISO/RTO market operations’ business process and adoption of advanced user interface technologies.
  • Managed implementation of advanced wholesale markets for ancillary services, renewable participation, and demand response
  • Developed functional requirements and conceptual design for a comprehensive executive dashboard for a major system integrator.
  • Developed functional requirements and conceptual design for an advanced Demand Response Management solution and provided ongoing subject matter expertise to focus alignment with emerging industry needs and competitive positioning.
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