Driving Innovation and Excellence in the Electric Utility Industry

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Our Expertise Areas

Our expertise is broad and deep, spanning Business, Technology, Economics, and Policy across all of the Electric Utility Industry.

Business Expertise Areas

For Utilities, RTO/ISOs, and Policy Makers

  • Strategy, tactics, process, and policy design
  • Business models, cases, and justifications
  • Grid roadmaps and modernization plans
  • Project and program (PMO) management
  • Market design, implementation, and operations
  • Economic and value modeling and analysis

For Suppliers and Entrepreneurs

  • Business model design and analysis
  • Value proposition development
  • Competitive positioning (SWOT analysis)
  • Market entry, go-to-market, and channel management
  • Alliance targeting, identification, approach, and introductions
  • Acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, and investment analysis

Technical Expertise Areas

For Utilities, RTO/ISOs, and Policy Makers

  • Architecture and interoperability
  • EMS, ADMS, GMS, OMS, and AMI
  • GIS, MDM, Load & Supply Forecasting
  • Analytics, simulations, and optimization
  • DER and storage – technology and trends
  • Cloud solution strategy
  • Energy market analysis and simulation

For Suppliers and Entrepreneurs

  • Product and solution portfolio evaluation
  • Customer requirements definition
  • Use case development
  • Usability and user experience
  • Data governance and security
  • Optimization and simulation
  • Technology management

For Utilities

For our utility clients, but IOUs and Publics, TGG provides its strategic advisory services across the disciplines required to plan, engineer, operate, and maintain a successful utility. Our utility clients rely on TGG across their planning, engineering, and operational solutions landscape because TGG brings deep knowledge and extensive technology, management, and leadership experience. Since the broader commercial environment encircles the utility solutions landscape, TGG is adept at framing projects for internal and external stakeholders, justifying project costs, and quantifying project benefits.

TGG is often retained by utility clients when a problem or issue lacks sufficient definition to be bounded to specific disciplines or organizations. In these engagements, TGG’s team brings its vast expertise in technology, engineering, operations, security, communications, economics, and execution to produce a successful and rapid outcome.

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For TGG’s Regional Transmission and Independent System Operator clients, TGG provides a unique capability to assist in overall market design, models, and software systems implementation. TGG skills including crafting market rules from policy, decomposing the rules into constraints and objectives optimizable within market time limitations, and producing repeatable outcomes. TGG has delivered new market commodities and ancillary services to many existing markets covering both the technological and economic aspects with our experts. Further, TGG has deep knowledge of market software systems architecture, data models, and solutions, spans bidding, publishing, clearing, volume management, and settlement.

For Industry Suppliers

For industry suppliers, TGG provides a wide variety of strategic advisory services. Portfolio evaluation reviews the existing product or solution suite focused on gaps, adjacencies, and greenfield opportunities considering market conditions, competitors, and time-to-market. Product and solution planning services include competitive analysis, market entry support, go-to-market guidance, alliance identification and facilitation, design requirements, and use case development. Competitive analysis services are also central to TGG’s offering.

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For Entrepreneurs

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For emerging companies and investors, TGG’s expertise and depth allow rapid response to critical challenges such as business model modifications, requirements capture, and value realization. TGG’s “hands-on” experience enables avoidance of go-to-market challenges such as channel development and management. The in-depth knowledge based on the experiences of TGG’s experts quickly enables the removal of impediments, assists in defining budgets, and creates pivoting opportunities to assume leadership positions. Understanding a product’s, solution’s, or service’s value propositions and capturing their magnitudes in prospective customers’ eyes is critical to building a successful business. Our team brings the background, experience, and capability to assist emerging companies in their growth.

For Policymakers

For policymakers and regulators, TGG’s advisor services enable clarity on possible impacts and mechanisms for compliance. TGG’s historical understanding of the broader electric industry landscape provides policymakers insights normally unavailable because of regulatory oversight’s implicit nature. TGG independence, depth of understanding, and clarity of the need for transparency place our strategic advisory services as unique.

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